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Wax with Laser like results

How does it work?

After the hair is removed and the follicle is empty, toner 1 is applied to the skin.  During this step the pores are enlarged and the hair shaft gate is increased by 4 times.  This step is preparing the hair follicle to receive toner 2.  Toner 2 is a complex of ingredients to render the hair bulb incapable of producing any more hair growth.  This inhibitor was developed on the botanical knowledge and cosmetic scientific formulation of Dr. Yoel Konis PhD.  The ingredients work on the live cells at the base of the hair shaft to decrease cell proliferation, and limits the amount of respiratory activity to the living cell, decreasing hair growth.

Is it For Everyone?

Yes. The system can be used safely on men, women and young adults.  The Epilfree System is suitable for all hair types and colors; including red, blonde, grey and downy hair, whatever your hair or skin color and hair type.  It can be safely used over tattooed skin,  because it’s not targeting pigment like most laser hair removal, but the actual hair follicle, it is the only safe treatment for permanently reducing hair in tattooed skin.

How Effective is It?

A noticeable difference should be seen after the very first treatment. Each Epilfree treatment reduces the number of functioning follicles, and as a result, reduce the amount of hair that returns in the treated area.

How many treatments?

A series of 8 to 12 treatments is typically needed to effectively reduce the hair in most areas.  The need for a series of treatment is due to the way that hair grows in stages, with only about 10% to 15% of the hair on your body at any one time in the growth stage, where Epilfree can be effective.  The exact number of treatments needed varies among individuals and body parts. If hormonal issues are involved, it may be more.

How about undesirable hair due to hormonal imbalance?

There are areas of hair on the body in which hair growth is hormonally conditioned and therefore hair growth is repeatedly renewed. In order to reach full results, perhaps a larger number of treatments than the average will be needed. However, the efficacy of treatment with the preparation is higher than that of treatment by other methods.

Is EpilFree painful?

The only pain you have to worry about is when the actual hair is removed from waxing or by another method. The two part system of products does not hurt.

I am a woman interested in removing facial hair. Can i be treated?

The preparation can be used on all body parts.  The preparation is safe and there is no danger of pigmentation or burn, as compared with other treatments.  Epilfree is particular successful for female facial hair, because it treats blond, grey and velum hair.

I am a man and I have undergone treatment at the nape and shoulders.  I see marked improvements but still no complete depilation.  What can be done?

There are areas in a man’s body and also in a woman’s body in which hair growth is hormonally conditioned and therefore hair growth is repeatedly renewed.  Treatment with the preparation thins out the hair and inhibits further hair growth.  In order to reach full results, perhaps a larger number of treatments than the average will be needed.  However, efficacy of treatment with the preparation is higher than that of treatment by other methods

I am a woman interested in doing a Brazilian bikini. Can i use Eplfree to permanently reduced the hair?

Certainly.  Epilfree is the most safe hair reduction treatment for the reproductive area. 

I am a man interested in removing facial hair.  Can I be treated?  

Epilfree works for all hair textures and skin colors.  Epilfree has no risks in burning or pigmenting the skin.

How does it compare to laser?

  • 85% effective in the prevention of hair regrowth.
  • Great for all types of hair, including blonde and red hair.
  • No risk of skin damage
  • No risk of skin pigmentation or burns
  • No limitation on exposure to the sun after treatment.

Is it Expensive?

Epilfree is not only easy but also effective and affordable.  It is, in fact, the most cost effective lasting hair removal solution there is on the market today.

Will it help with ingrown hairs/razor bumps?

Yes, in addition to reducing the re-growth of hair, it will soften dark coarse hair and curly hair that is usually the cause of severe ingrown hair.

What is in Epilfree?

Epilfree contains a combination of natural and safe synthetic ingredients including essential liquids extracted from herbs such as lady’s mantle and eucalyptus.

•82% of the ingredients are natural.
•18% of the ingredients are safe synthetics, no chemicals.

 Is the product safe to use?

The preparation received approval by Health Authorities of the European Common Market. The preparation contains active ingredients and therefore pregnant and breastfeeding women should not use it. This limitation has been decided by the company as a precaution.  Use of the preparation does not involve any side-effects and it is safe for use. However, application should be stopped upon the appearance of signs of irritation, in which case, the user should consult their Esthetician. In most cases, the appearance of a reddening, red spots or rash is due to the use of wax.

Is Epilfree FDA approved?

Epilfree is a cosmetic not a drug. is in compliance with FDA regulations for cosmetics and meets all the labeling and packaging requirements for sale and use in the USA.

 What about chemotherapy? Radiation?

Epilfree is not recommended during any treatment for cancer.


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