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Fall is here. Is it? Oh yes, we can feel the cooler mornings and evenings, and the days getting shorter. Fall brings many changes for your skin. This Fall facial will reverse the damage acquired during the fun in the sun days of summer. Cranberries are natural enzymatic exfoliant as well as an antioxidant. Skin will be smoothed and even textured. A high dosage of three types of Vitamin C will strengthen collagen and lift hyperpigmentation. In addition, Camu Camu
fruit contains 60 times more Vitamin C than oranges, and it is a powerful antioxidant, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties.

This facial will also moisturize your skin. Your skin is adapting to our climate change, and even thought we don’t feel there is four seasons to our South Florida region, to the skin there is. Your skin will lavish in Rosehip fruit extract with high levels of fatty acids and Vitamin A. This will aid in skin rejuvenation, hydration, moisturization, nourishment, and protection against photo damage.

This nourishing treatment will provide firming and healing properties for your skin to glow and be healthy. Skin Rx is the prescription to healthy and beautiful skin.

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