Facelift in a bottle

Facial structures normally associated with youth and beauty often have high cheekbones and defined jawlines.  For that reason, fillers have been widely used to achieve a youthful and beautiful look to the face. Fillers often round the entire collapsed region making everyone look the same and taking away the defined cheekbone/jawline tandem that is know as “beautiful”.  In addition fillers are a source of inflammation and they often migrate around and stay in the
face for years.

Fat Pad Renewal

All of the fat in the body has a detox role.  When the body needs to detox it send it to the fat cells.  Fat pads in the face have 2 distinct roles; detoxing of sugars and detoxing of salts.  Recovery works primarily on the sugar-based fat pads (see image).  The sugar fat pad zones are the most influential on facial wrinkles.  When toxins enter the fat cells they are dismantled which causes swelling.  Over time the repeated swelling leads to atrophy as the fat cell nutrients are almost completely depleted rendering the fat cell inactive and causing it to lose most of its size.  The more alcohol/white sugar you ingest, the faster the depletion occurs in the sugar based fat pads.  Fat cells under the eye also become inflamed with substances that affect the kidneys like NSAID’s, blood pressure medication and salt.


Who needs Recovery

Everyone, especially those with skin or digestive issues.

Only 2 Natural Ingredients

Sea Buckthorn Oil
Macadamia Nut Oil

What do the frequencies do?

The golden ratio frequencies bathe the digestive lining, encouraging ideal replication.

Is there any side effects?

No! 😀



Improves dry skin (including feminine regions).  Improves sun tolerance, reduced aging from the sun.  Improves skin color/vibrancy.  Assists in overall detox,  bettering acne.  Sea Buckthorn is proven to reduce colon cancer but works similarly in the skin so we can presume some benefit in reducing skin cancer.

Appetite and Weight Loss

Restoring your microbiome enhances nutrient absorption which will reduce
your appetite.  The sea buckthorn blend assists in toxin removal from the fat cell
causing weight loss.  Restoring certain bacterial strains in the gut is shown to reduce fat in mice.


A significant part of the utilization of cholesterol and lipids occurs in
your gut.  Microbiome epigenetic changes alter this and cause increased levels of cholesterol in the blood.


Sugar utilization is accomplished in most cells but the gut is a
major hub for sugar utilization.  Healthy gut flora in their most optimal state benefit from sugars (not white sugar) and therefore reduce the burden on the body when excess sugar is consumed.


Recovery will speed the resolution of rosacea by restoring digestive
barrier health and reducing inflammation. 

Brain Health

Omega 9 found in Recovery is particularly good at accelerating brain cell and myelin sheath repair.  You brain is 60% fat and does accumulate toxins (fluoride, mercury, Nutrasweet, MSG), Recovery contains nutrients that allow these toxins to be processed and removed.  The most notable benefit is aiding memory and reducing brain fog.

Constipation and Bloating

An improved microbiome improves digestion capacity and enhances the absorption of nutrients.  This results in faster processing times and normalized bowel movements.  Bloating occurs because the bacteria are epigenetically changed and not adequately equipped to handle the food breakdown resulting in extra gas/bloating.  Recovery restores the proper bacteria functionality.


Small intestinal bacterial “overgrowth” (SIBO) is caused by epigenetic changes to the probiotics in the small intestine as a result of poor digestion and toxic food particulates.  Recovery restores the normal functionality of the bacteria.

Leaky Gut

Identified as a major concern for many and the common outcome of prolonged antibiotic use.  Results in severe food allergies, other allergies, and digestive malaise.  Recovery restores the digestive barrier.


Recovery helps with allergies indirectly by restoring the microbiome.  Poor microbiome health is the cause of allergies because of leaky gut
and other unknown factors.

H.Pylori and Ulcers

Recovery helps to restore the original bacterial functionality thereby assisting in the repair and recovery of the modified H. Pylori bacteria.

Compared to other Prebiotics

Fiber – is good because it mechanically cleans the gut making probiotics healthier but it does not feed the bacteria as proposed

Carbohydrates – Are good prebiotics and are naturally found in our foods • Excess carbohydrates alters microbiome balance and is not ideal.

Fiber works as a prebiotic by clearing out waste mechanically and has modest benefits.

Soluble fiber can be broken down by the large intestine but has little value to the rest of the digestive tract.

Fermented soluble fiber is less efficacious because the body prefers to do its own fermenting.

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