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Oncology Friendly Skin Ritual

Oncology Friendly Facial


Each treatment is customized to the client’s specific skin type and specific skin condition.  The facials are holistic and the well being of the whole client is addressed.

Nourish Avocado Oil

Wonder-working, frequency-enhanced organic avocado oil boosts the skin’s hydration and improves elasticity.  Skin feels plumped and has a youthful glow.

Cleanse and Soothe

Soothing and gentle, this double cleansing uses a balm that melts into the skin and a gentle cleanser.  These steps will remove impurities, makeup, and environmental toxins.  The cleasing balm is infused with mangosteen, elderberry juices, and avocado oil, it will leave your skin nourished and hydrated. The gentle clenaser flaunts natural kiwi and kumquat derivatives to purify the skin for a refreshed complexion.

StemFactor Serum

This is the most clinically proven and technologically advanced growth factor serum in the industry.  This serum improves all aspects of sensitivity and damage by encouraging the skin’s repair process and stimulating new cell development.   It enhances wound repair, increases new blood vessels formation,  collagen production, and moustirization.


A relaxing massage can help with many of the temporary side effects of treatments.  This relaxing massage can help to lower anxiety, pain, improve energy and decrease nausea.

Comfortable and Private Environment

Skin Rx LLC offers a comfortable enviroment which the temperature of the room, position of the bed and music is adapted to the confort of the client.

Skin Ritual

Treat your skin with Oncology Safe products for a daily skin ritual.  These delicate products are results inspired and is suitable for imflamed, compromised an dry skin.  This skin ritual will restore the outter layer of your skin, improve hydration, decrease sensitivity, remodel scaring, and improve collagen and elastin production.


  • Cleanse
  • Purify
  • Lift Away


  • Quench
  • Hydrate
  • Noursih
  • Enrich


  • Tropical Mango
  • Remedy




Protect Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen

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