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Seasonal Facials

Autumn Spice is So Nice Facial (75 minutes) – $150

For: Aging, pigmented, dry, and oily skin types

Let cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove enchant your senses as you’re transported to a cozy fall sanctuary. Enriched with the power of Pumpkin – a revered element in both Ayurvedic and Chinese traditions – this facial envelops your skin in antioxidant-rich care, shielding it against damage while igniting collagen production for a youthful bounce.  White Ginger stands as your shield, warding off inflammation and environmental stressors, leaving your skin resilient and glowing. The gentle exfoliation prowess of Lactic Acid sweeps away dullness, revealing renewed luminosity and softness. Bisabolol, hailing from the Candeia Tree of South America, takes you a step further with its anti-inflammatory embrace, calming your skin and diminishing hyperpigmentation.

Detox, Purify, and Restore Facial (75 minutes) – $150

For: Acne/oily skin types

Acne prone skin is experienced by all ages and all skin types. Today’s lifestyle introduces toxins to the body and skin behaves by purging toxins as acne. The holistic approach is the only treatment that helps clear breakouts and prevent new ones. This facial uses the power of botanical and frequency boosted to help detoxify, calm, purify, and refresh the skin. Utilizing detoxifying, healing, and protective ingredients like Neem, Red Algae, Mineral Rich Clays, Niacinamide, Charcoal, Beta Glucan, and Tea Tree Oil will support the skin to perform its job of purging and recovery. Powerful skin clearing vitamin A serum works with the skin to normalize oil production, improve detoxification, calm inflammation, restore the epidermal barrier, and accelerate the healing process of blemishes. This facial provides the skin all the support it needs resulting in clearing congestion, reducing pore size, hydration and detox skin for a smoother, clean, and brighter complexion.

Seasonal Products

Detox, Purify and Restore Skin Ritual  

Ready to banish blemishes and reveal your best skin yet? Introducing the NEW Osmosis Blemish Prone line. Calm inflammation, reduce pore size and protect your skin from future breakouts with a collection designed to enhance your skin’s natural healing process. Each formula is packed with powerful ingredients such as red algae, neem, and tea tree oil to detoxify and purify your skin, and retinaldehyde and beta-glucan to promote healthy cell turnover and reveal a smoother, brighter, more even complexion.

Elevate Your Metabolism

Elevate is clinically proven to reduce cholesterol and triglycerides as well as increasing ATP production which burns fat and increases energy in the process. ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is a powerful tool for healthy skin, brain, muscle, and organ activity. In addition, we have added more immune and libido-boosting benefits. This supplement “elevates” many important aspects of your life.


One bottle = $76
Two bottles 10% off = $137
Three bottles 20% off = $183 

Facelift in the Bottle – Price Upon Consultation

Osmosis Recovery can replace much of the facial volume loss that occurs with aging. By restoring critical nutrients to reactivate fat cells Recovery, alleviates the need for volume fillers while creating a much more natural, youthful appearance. Recovery’s nutraceutical properties also helps restore your unique probiotic population and provides essential fatty acids, like omega-3, 6, 7 and 9 supporting health and cellular function.


    • Targets and restores fat loss in facial pads and lip volume
    • Restores probiotic population and omegas, including omega-7
    • Targets structural fat pads in the face, neck, breasts, arms, hands, upper buttocks, and shin.
    • Improves the appearance of loose skin, buttocks, and breasts
    • Aged and sagging skin
    • Rosacea
    • SIBO, Constipation, Gas, and Bloating
    • Microbiome imbalance

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