Holistic Skincare


Skin Rx LLC skincare is kind, non-invasive and anti-inflammatory. You will experience a different kind of facial based on Ancient Eastern Medicine philosophies, a 4-point analysis of body temperature, energy levels, and skin analysis determines the products and facial movement techniques. The energy of Osmosis products paired with specific application techniques direct energy to heal the skin and body. Results are felt immediately, are visible and create a balanced well-being. 

Skin Mapping 

Osmosis Skin Mapping is a revolutionary skincare tool inspired by holistic healing and wellness that helps more accurately identify what skin needs to look healthy and vital. Unlike one- dimensional skincare brands, which generally only focuses on what’s happening on the surface of the skin, Osmosis Skin Mapping is an interactive approach that goes beneath the surface to uncover hidden internal factors, revealing “why” the skin issue has occurred, as well as the solution. Osmosis Skin Mapping uses carefully identified “zones” on the face and body to pinpoint where imbalances spring and then translates these imbalances into their associated effects on the skin. This cutting edge “inside-out” method is designed to relieve the skin and body of burdensome toxins and inflammation while simultaneously feeding the repair process and creating real, lasting change.


















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