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Nuptial Services

Congratulations to all the brides and grooms. Choosing to take care of your skin for your wedding has two benefits. The first benefit is the short term benefit of having picture perfect skin on your weeding day! You will create the best possible canvas to assist your makeup artist with the application process. The second benefit is that you will have healthy and beautiful skin to cherish for a lifetime.  

The sooner you begin your skincare program the better. If you have any skin concerns like wrinkles, flaccid skin, sun spots and sun damage you will need at least 6 months. For conditions like acne, rosacea and scarring a 12 month program will guarantee results.  Alongside my clinical program is a diligent home care program. The cost of the program includes the home care products that compliments the clinical skincare. For any concerns with your arms, hands, elbows, lips and back, we can create a plan for those areas at this time.

Treatments like the Vitamin A Peel and Holistic Facials, will be customized with cleansers, masks, serums, active powder blends and power actives to provide exceptional results without compromising the health of the skin.

The next 3 months will continue with a reevaluation of the program progress. During this period; results, home care and current weather will be considered for the future of the program. Body care treatments can be initiated now.

Thirty days before the wedding, all results would have been acquired and the skin will be ready for your final makeup test. Focus on eating clean foods, drinking lots of water and consuming raw fruits and vegetables. If you have a known skin allergy to food, avoid that food during this time. Make sure to use sun protection during this last month before the wedding, applying sun block on your lips, arms and decollete as well. Always bring your Osmosis cleanser to all makeup and hair tests. Wash the face properly after these visit to avoid reactions to products. The goal is to maintain the integrity of all skin improvements without any unexpected irritations.

On the day of your wedding it is recommended to only cleanse and moisturize. Of course, drinking lots of water and managing stress levels can help minimize potential skin reactions. 

Osmosis MD Supplements for Skin Care

Acne: Skin Defense, Skin Perfection Elixir and Skin Clarifier
Sensitive & Rosacea: Immune Activator, Digestive Support, Recovery, Skin Perfection Elixir and Ageless Vitality Elixir
Pigmented: Immune Activator, Hormone Relief Elixir and Skin Defense
Rejuvenation: Skin Perfection Elixir, Ageless Vitality Elixir and Collagen Activator
Blackhead: Skin Clarifier and Digestive Support
Aging: Ageless Vitality, Collagen Activator, Hormone Relief Elixir and Recovery
Dark Circles: Relax and Unwind Elixir and Hormone Relief
H. Pylori: Immune Defense
SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth): Immune Defense and Recovery


Other Helpful Information:
Keep your skin safe during makeup and hair style trials Bring your Osmosis MD cleanser to all makeup tests and all hairdresser various looks. Cleaning the skin after the use of new products is important . Never leave it to chance that you have to grab some regular soap to wash your face! The worse thing for your skin is leaving residue of these products on overnight, causing breakouts or sensitivity.  Never use makeup remover wipes and/ or OTC cleansers.


Invest in Professional Brands
The reason aesthetician, like myself, recommend professional brands and treatments is because these products have a therapeutic value. Non-professional products available OTC have low activity levels to avoid any liability with skin sensitivity. The other crucial difference between self-selecting from a shelf and visiting a facialilst is that with the latter you can benefit from a therapist guided consultation, to get product that’s specific to YOUR skin type and current need. Skincare is an investment, and after you acquire the desired results, maintenance will keep your results for as long as you care for your skin.


Herpes Simplex
Numerous factors have been identified, overexposure to such as natural or artificial ultraviolet light (e.g. sunlight, tanning beds), overexposure to wind and cold, lip chapping, lip trauma or abrasion (e.g. upper lip waxing or threading), low immune system, common cold, fevers (probably the origin of the lay term “fever blister”), menstrual periods, alcohol drinking, fatigue, immunosuppression, dental instrument irritation or intraoral tissue, tooth removal or dental surgery, medical bandage on area, digestive problems, traveler’s diarrhea, decompression of the tirgeminal nerve, physical and emotional stress, and pregnancy. Let your professional know if you have had Herpes Simplex breakouts in the past.